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Blog Post - Shane Brunker

Date: 19-08-2016

Responsive image This race has been hard and definitely a war of attrition, the round the world crew members certainly made me feel very welcome and looked after me and it’s been a good experience. It was fantastic to win with a bit of cunning planning and the team knowing what they were doing and working together to use everyone’s best skill sets.

The team was very positive and I know a guy from home, Duke who did this race and pre-warned me about this leg across the Pacific but everyone has worked so hard and it helps when you are winning, it’s hard to be miserable when you are in the lead! I have been known to be competitive but it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a competing environment, but the attention to the fine detail is what makes the difference and no one ever complained at the hard work it took to keep position.

The start of the race was great and there was a bit of close matched racing with Garmin for a while, it was great to see so many boats racing tightly for so long, it kept us going and then seeing them all pull away as the race progressed. What I struggled with on board, not being a sailor is the nuances of the sailing and the weather, the physical side was ok but the technicality of sailing was a learning curve.

Once I got into the evolutions I really enjoyed it and being in a great team. It’s something I would never have done if it wasn’t for the Council but I am pleased I have done it and I look forward to putting the winning pennant on the wall. I had my birthday out on the Pacific too which is a bit different and I will always remember it.

It’s an opportunity and something that when you look at someone who has never sailed before and what they achieve through the race and what the professional sailors say about it, you know you have done something pretty special.